Castle Lake Insurance

Custom Design, Logo Design, Responsive, CMS, Custom Programming, Photo/Video

Castle Lake Insurance is located in Idaho Falls and has been a client of Manwaring Web for several years. During one of our routine check-ins, Manwaring Web told Castle Lake Insurance that it was time for a new design. To get things started, Castle Lake Insurance asked Manwaring Web to redesign their logo. After a few revisions, we had the perfect modernized version of Castle Lake’s logo to begin designing the new website. With a custom responsive design that was completely integrated with Ideal Cart, Manwaring Web’s CMS, the client had the perfect setup to maintain their website for years to come. To help bring in more leads to the website, the development team put together two quote forms that customers could fill out online to get a quote from Castle Lake Insurance. Manwaring Web has loved working with Castle Lake Insurance and looks forward to providing many more years of service.

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Castle Lake Insurance Website