Durango Dental: Case Study

Case Study, Responsive

Durango Dental reached out to Manwaring Web Solutions to help with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs. In order to help Durango Dental rank better on Google and other search engines, Manwaring Web made their current website design responsive, which allows users to access the website on any device.

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September 2013, Durango Dental was one of the top-ranking dental sites in their area, but the next month, they were nowhere to be found.

Durango Dental was penalized by Google, which effectively banished their website to the dark corners of Google search. Nearly all the content on the website matched content found on other websites, and when Google’s latest algorithm was put in effect, their website disappeared.

Durango Dental reached out to the SEO team at Manwaring Web Solutions to diagnose and resolve the problem.

The SEO lead at Manwaring Web recognized the Google penalty and recognized that rewriting each page of the website had the potential to resolve the problem.

Manwaring Web began rewriting content December 2013, and over the following months, Durango Dental saw steady improvement.

Over the next few months, Durango Dental’s Google Search rankings continued to climb until October 2014 when they reached position one on Google search for almost all of their keywords.

"When we initially designed our web site, their team spent many hours reworking our text to take us from the bottom to the top rankings," Chelsey Belt, office manager at Durango Dental said. "It took time and patience."

Belt said the patience was worth it, and after the first few months, she could see the improvement.

"Within months our rankings were improving leaps and bounds and now, we are always one of the first, or the first, to pop up when people search for dentists in our area," Belt said. "About half of our 60 new patients a month come from the website. I appreciate the Manwaring team, their persistence and their honesty. I completely trust them."