Sunnyside Vet Clinic

Custom Design, Responsive, Advanced Slideshow, CMS, Photo/Video

Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic is located in Idaho Falls. Dr. Mike Nield has been helping pets, and their owners, since 1995. From check-ups, to spay and neuter services, or even major surgery, Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic is the perfect place to take your pet. When Dr. Nield had a few moments between helping his furry patients, he called Manwaring Web and asked for a complete redesign on his website. Manwaring Web got right to work. With a custom responsive design connected to our CMS, Dr. Nield would be able to create new pages, edit existing pages, edit his advanced slideshow, and more. The final touch for this design were the photos taken during a photo shoot at the clinic. Photos of the team, the patients, and their owners, helped tailor this design to exactly what Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic needed.

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